Waterproof WPC pergola

Waterproof WPC pergola

Make your terrace into a very private holiday haven! With terrace awning from waterproof WPC pergola you are not only protected from damaging UV radiation, the sun’s heat and rain, you can also add a Mediterranean flair to your terrace – ideal for relaxation and enjoyment! The horizontal shading provides optimal protection and, depending on design,waterproof WPC pergola is also available in a folded look. With perpendicular shading you are perfectly protected from the sun, wind and prying eyes.

Systems very stable pergola

The corrosion-resistant construction ensures rigidity as standard for ease of handling.Terrace awnings offer a lot of benefits for fresh air fans. Frontal support makes the systems very stable. waterproof WPC pergola With sufficient incline and fitted with a waterproof cover they not only provide shade but are also ideal for use in the rain.

Waterproof WPC pergola application

There are a number of product solutions to choose from depending on the particular application, desired dimensions and aesthetic appeal.for example, waterproof WPC pergola give your terrace a mediterranean feel. Terrace awnings, which combine horizontal and vertical shading in one system, are also available. Optional side and front glazing, which protects from wind and rain without dimming the view, is also available, so you can enjoy your waterproof WPC pergola even in poor weather.

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