Recyclable WPC pergola In the garden

Recyclable WPC pergola

Recyclable WPC pergola material is still a relatively new building material, but is already well established as a substitute for timber for decking, pergola cladding and other non-structural uses.

What are the properties of recyclable WPC pergola material?

WPC is typically manufactured using a 50/50 blend of wood products and plastics, although these proportions can vary significantly depending on the particular product and requirement. recyclable WPC pergola material with a higher cellulose (i.e. wood) content behaves like and can be cut like wood. Because it’s a manufactured product, recyclable WPC pergola material can also be made to bend and curve, and is available in unusual shapes and sizes. Likewise, it can be manufactured to take on a wide range of colours and textures, normally to mimic those of natural wood.

WPC pergola material testing

Depending on its composition, recyclable WPC pergola material can be manufactured to a standard that makes it resistant to fire and ember attacks, up to a level that complies with the requirements for a BAL29 rating, in accordance with AS1530.8 (Bushfire testing). Decking not specifically designed for high fire resistance may pose a greater fire hazard than timber though, because of the combustibility of some of the plastics that are used.

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