recyclable WPC pergola material

recyclable WPC pergola material

WPC pergola unique Formula

Recyclable WPC pergola material unique formula provides the very best of both worlds,long lasting material that is strong,durable and weathers extremely well.

Eco-Friendly recyclable WPC pergola

WPC Pergolas are striking yet have traditional appearance: recyclable WPC pergola require little maintenance; long lifespan; no splintering;UV stabilised and above all recyclable WPC pergola are Eco Friendly with a 90% recycled material content.The combination of a beautiful traditional wood appearance and long lifespan makes these Pergolas the obvious choice for new or replacement projects.

Materials for the future

Although timber has been used for Pergola construction for decades we are all aware of its shortcomings. For the first few years timber works well. However, after a period of time timber, however treated, will start to deteriorate due to exceptional high temperatures. To overcome these safety and long-term durability issues, many commercial operators are insisting on using recyclable WPC pergola material as a long-term investment.

Long Lifespan WPC pergola

Recyclable WPC pergola material have an expected lifespan of 50 years+.

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