Recyclable modern WPC pergola

Recyclable modern WPC pergola

Recyclable modern WPC pergola refers to the design style simple, the use of modern and diverse architectural decoration materials, integrated use of modern technology manufacturing, functional parts of the general, easy to industrial production of a class pergola.

Recyclable modern WPC pergola features

Simple and elegant, practical and generous, short production cycle and changing shape, it abandoned the classical corridor luxurious carving, refined abstract shape, relative to the classical pergola, it is perfect with modern technology and materials:
(1) emphasis on functional design, shade, viewing, or recreation these functions at the beginning of the design to be reflected; recyclable modern WPC pergola lines simple and smooth, strong color contrast, but also the characteristics of modern corridor.
(2) recyclable modern WPC pergola extensive use of a high-tech materials – plastic wood, a substantial increase in the corridor life, decorative style fresh and generous, but also gives the avant-garde, unconstrained feeling.
(3) highly integrated with the modern garden, according to the theme and characteristics of garden design, better with modern garden furniture; reasonable disassembly structure for easy transport and installation, steel structure to ensure more durable corrugated.

WPC pergola application

Recyclable modern WPC pergola has been widely used: property district, theme park, private courtyard, open-air leisure club, leisure square, become the new darling of the times.

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