Long lifespan WPC pergola attractive place

Long lifespan WPC pergola

Long lifespan WPC pergola is very popular in the market, we also try to recommend consumers to install WPC pergola, why is this phenomenon? Let us introduce you to the advantages of WPC pergola.
1, high degree of simulation: the appearance of fine, can be real ones, from the surface phenomenon, it is the shape of wood. Used in the outdoors and integration of nature, giving a sense of affinity for nature.

2, high strength: long lifespan WPC pergola imitation wood products using steel, concrete substrate, with high strength flexural strength.

3, anti-aging: surface coating UV resistance, high corrosion resistance of the high surface treatment materials, the product has a high anti-aging.

4, long life: a higher compressive strength and bending strength. Surface treatment are used anti-sunlight type of outdoor special paint,
With resistance to ultraviolet light, dirt and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, there is a high resistance to aging. Durability, the use of life than the wood to more than 10 times.Therefore, the cost of cement-like wood building is higher than the real wood.

5, cost-effective: obvious price advantage. The cost of cement and wood is higher than that of real wood.

6, green: material ecology, green energy conservation. long lifespan WPC pergola does not rust, to avoid the stainless steel fence sunshine reflective anti-pollution phenomenon. The product is harmless to the human body.

7, decorative strong: modern type of diverse wood, rich colors, with a variety of environmental integration, the user can choose according to regional environment, different styles, highlight the personality.

8, easy installation: the economic structure of the rational design, installation more efficient.

Our wood-plastic material can not only be made into long lifespan WPC pergola, but also made of wood flooring, so good product we have no reason not to buy it? But also for your professional customization of their own products.

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