Building wood plastic composite pergola

Building wood plastic composite pergola

Wood plastic composite pergola

How to build a free-standing wood plastic composite pergola. The design is suitable for an open-framedstructure only. It is not suitable where roof cladding such as shingles or corrugated roofing or a sold wall cladding is required.Contact your local territorial authority to check that the height, type and location of the pergola you intend to build comply with all local planning and building rules and whether a building or resource consent is required before construction. wood plastic composite pergola is often not required for resource consent.

Planning your pergola

These instructions are for a 2.4 m square by 2.4 m high free-standing wood plastic composite pergola. The materials you require will need to be calculated based on the actual size and type of pergola you intend to build.

Wood plastic composite pergola installing

pergola posts should preferably be fixed to hot dipped galvanised steel stirrups set in concrete. A minimum clearance of 75 mm shall be provided between the top of the concrete footing or paving and the bottom of the post as a termite inspection zone. Posts embedded in the ground shall be provided with stainless steel mesh socks (TermiMesh) or alternatively the surrounding ground shall be chemically treated. Wood plastic composite pergola holes for embedded posts shall be filled with 100 mm depth of coarse gravel (to allow water to drain) before backfilling with concrete or rammed earth. Top of backfill shall be sloped away from posts to shed water. Footings to be engineer designed for both bearing and uplift.

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