Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola

Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola

Pergolas can be used in the garden to create a passageway or to frame a seating area.Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola offers a wide range of project kits as well as individualcomponents to allow the creation of your own personal vision.A basic anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola project is explained here, however, the basic procedures, from installing the posts to fixing the rafters, will be the same whatever design you choose.

Wood plastic composite pergola

Consider the location carefully before proceeding.Where will the sun be at the time of day you use it?Determine the footprint required for the anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola proposed. Ensure the area is clear and mark out the positions for the posts.

WPC pergola installing

For a domed anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola project, the best method for determining the positions of the posts is to pre-assemble the roof and use this as a template for the posts.Check the dimension between the roof rafter ends and ensure that they are equal. Mark the position on the ground for each post. Remove the roof assembly and prepare the holes for the posts.

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